Labyrinthine Unreal

Labyrinthine's Mysteries

Labyrinthine Unreal is a game of mystery and exploration, a virtual maze that spans multiple media, metaverses, and real geographical locations. It aims to create a uniquely immersive experience, synthesizing the worlds of Alternate Reality Games, NFT art and VR gaming.
By employing various immersive techniques to forge a deeply engrossing and interactive environment, Labyrinthine Unreal explores novel and unforeseen directions in emerging virtual spaces, fluently weaving pathways between reality and illusion.
The Labyrinth’s lore is steeped in some of the most obscure and well-guarded riddles of ancient civilizations, cults, philosophies, religions, and secret societies. It follows their occult concepts, hidden histories, and agendas through wild mutations, splits, and warring factions all the way to the bleeding edge of contemporary thought, the academia, science, politics, and futuristic societies.
It’s up to players to decide which of the threads to follow and how to unlock the pathways into the maze’s chaotic and ever-shifting center… and beyond that into other metaverses. In this sense, Labyrinthine Unreal is a new and invasive game species, one that infiltrates, shifts, mutates, and adapts to different environments and tactics, including those of its competitors.
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