Item Discovery


While exploring the world of Labyrinthine Unreal, players may discover and win a number of valuable hidden items. Purchased NFTs may at times contain unlockable content offering further clues to helping one along the way. However, there is a fine balance to how much one may purchase before this stops being an effective way to level up—players will not be able to simply buy their way in the Labyrinth.
The table below offers a few examples of game assets players may look forward to.
Accessories bestowing powers and abilities

Initiation Mask Avatars


  • Access/unlock particular areas in the Labyrinth (depending on the mask).
  • Bestow other powers and abilities (e.g., speed, strength, stamina, enhanced senses, offense/defense capabilities, access to information, etc.)


Navigating the Labyrinth without a mask is impossible, as certain areas would become inaccessible without their digital fingerprint. See Mask Avatars for more.



Legend has it that the first cloak was made of various colored rags, assembled and sown together for the High Priest of the Order of the Sacred Carapace by a mysterious character known simply as the Tailor.
One story goes that one of the rags that made up the original cloak was stolen from the Cap of Hades itself, a.k.a. Cap of Invisibility, and accordingly the one wearing the cloak would become invisible. These may only be old tales, but they still have the power to fascinate and treasure hunters continue searching for it to this day.
Another version of the story, the one that most people believe, tells that the original cloak was taken apart by the priests of the Order of the Sacred Carapace during a bitter dispute that saw the end of the ancient Order and its split into the many factions that exist in the Labyrinth today. Each rag became the color of the new Order's cloak.


May only be claimed as a reward from an existing Order by initiates who successfully accomplish some task set to them by the Order's high priests.
The initiate may be stripped of their cloak if they are found in violation of the Order's rules. Requires voting by the Order's members.

Animal Familiar (Companion Pet)


  • May see dimensions hidden to the player's limited human sight
  • May enter inaccessible areas to recover hidden items
  • May sense some danger approaching and warn its master
  • Quite simply, may become a cherished companion in the most solitary hours in the Labyrinth


Animal companions are extremely rare and hard to get. They may be bred but the costs are prohibitive and animal infants suffer a high death rate. Too many of them are also hard to carry around if the player is traveling and cannot be left behind without food or care (this problem is solved if the player acquires land but again, animals increase the cost of maintenance).



Bestow or enhance various powers/skills


May be used to trade specific skills with other players.



May have some special significance in order to solve a puzzle, or may give access to a locked area, necessary for a puzzle's solution.


Extremely rare. May be used to redeem game tokens or sold to other players on secondary. Their value or use may not be immediately clear so players are advised to refrain from trading too soon.
Subject to wear and tear
Throwing Knives
Subject to wear and tear
Bows and Arrows
Arrows are limited, bows subject to wear and tear
Other crypto assets
In-game tokens: May be used to trade with other players or to purchase other assets, breeding, etc.
May be used to purchase in-game assets or to trade with other players on secondary markets.
*Weapons: Unless the player has a place to store them, one is also limited to how many one can carry around.

NFT Integration

Everything in the Labyrinthine Unreal space is an NFT and can be purchased, including all music, artwork, and even the Labyrinth itself. Be careful, though; having purchased the Labyrinth does not mean you have solved its mysteries or learned its secrets.
NFT artworks will be chosen from various artists in line with the requirements and demands of particular chambers or spaces, each with its own core theme. The artworks will range from 2-D and 3-D art objects to film, NPC characters, music and sound FX, and even secret scriptures and literature, all of which may be perused and then purchased or won during the game. Artworks by artists who own our DAO tokens will be considered first.
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NFT Integration