Puzzles & Combat

The Labyrinth features both solitary and group play. Players will have the opportunity to forge their own history and lore within the Labyrinth's wider historical framework, however, one may also choose to be a lone wolf and go it alone or even narrate their own version of history, around which others eventually gravitate. The Labyrinth allows for many alternative pathways and even encourages and provides a set of tools for them.
The gameplay will feature extensive collaborative puzzle solving and a light 'melee' or 'pell mell' battle system, where game factions fight not only over various resources but also for information. Players may even create their own information and disinformation channels to disseminate narratives and counter-narratives, conspiracy and counter-conspiracy theories to throw off their opponents. Infiltration of opposing orders and counterintelligence tactics may be common methods to gain information.


Tournaments are events limited in time and space where the usual game rules may be suspended and a different set of rules applied. These are also our testing grounds, and there will be many such events during development, especially in the private alpha stage of the game, with a number of prizes and rewards, in which warring factions may have the opportunity to get a closer look at their elusive enemies and compete in a different arena.
The first such tournament event will be a game demo to be released soon after the Initiation Mask sale, in which three temporary factions will fight it over a number of genesis game assets. The demo will be limited and will not feature any of the more complex organizational forms that may take place in later stages of the game, but it will aim to achieve three objectives:
  1. 1.
    To allow players to try on our Initiation Mask avatars for the first time
  2. 2.
    To test certain unique gameplay elements and features
  3. 3.
    For players to have a good time beyond the play-to-earn element of blockchain games.
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Puzzles & Combat