Labyrinthine Unreal

A space of endless doors and passages setting the stage for a virtual initiation into the hidden paths and secret treasures of the future.
Labyrinthine Unreal

The Underworld

Labyrinthine Unreal is a world of mystery and exploration, and the subterranean space of Merca City. Players may move between worlds, but the rules of the underworld differ from those of the surface and players must adapt in order to survive and navigate its twisted, treacherous underpasses.

There are three ways in which one may end up in the labyrinth, and consequently three different play modes: Shadow, Interloper, and Initiate.

  • Shadow. A player that dies in Merca City descends as a shadow to the Unseen Realm of Labyrinthine Unreal.
  • Interloper. A player may occasionally find a rare portal to the underworld in Merca City, but these hidden entrances entail great risk and are not recommended for the faint of heart. Players who venture passed these portals unprotected may get attacked by the shadows that dwell in the underworld. Even if they are able to eventually make their way back to the surface, hallucinations from the realm of the dead might follow them for a time, resulting in sensory distortions and difficulty in orientation and in the performance of common tasks, putting them at a disadvantage against other players or enemy factions. There are reasons to venture inside these mysterious portals, however, as they are often laden with treasures.
  • Initiate. Players who own an Initiation Mask may access the labyrinth using a special tablet that allows the opening of a stable portal anywhere in the city. The mask serves as protection against the spirits of the dead and initiates may freely explore the maze. However, they must still be on guard from enemy factions who may be roaming the maze’s passages. In the Labyrinth, the most sought out currency is blood!

Similarly, there are three ways to escape from the Labyrinth.

  • Shadows may wander through the underworld in the hopes of finding a passage to the world above. This is a very difficult task to accomplish as shadows do not have a good sense of orientation.
  • To be granted life one must take a life. If a shadow sacrifices an interloper roaming through the labyrinth, it may collect the interloper’s life force and offer a blood libation to the gods of the underworld in exchange for safe passage to the world above.
  • Players may encounter and bribe a tech savvy psychopomp to open a temporary portal for them. The unscrupulous psychopomp may also offer to sell a tablet that can later be used to open a stable portal anywhere in Merca City to enter and exit the labyrinth at will. To access the labyrinth this way players will need an Initiation Mask. Shadows will still need a blood libation to exit, but with the possession of the tablet this can be procured either through direct sacrifice or trade and libations can be stored longer. For such occasions, it is advised for all players to always have a few extra kills under their belt.
Bridge portal to Labyrinthine Unreal