Ontological Game

A game of ontological crossings
Game Teaser (Scenes and objects subject to change)
The Ontological Game is an ecosystem of interconnected and complementary projects that work together utilizing an innovative cross-game point system to create an immersive and unique gaming experience. The result is an open economy that allows players to move their assets and accomplishments between games (or game modes), leading to an immersive, rich, and interconnected world with deep, fascinating lore and content creation. This radically novel system pushes the boundaries of traditional game mechanics and creates a truly symbiotic game experience.

Table of Contents

Merca City is an immersive universe with a complex economic system; an open world MMORPG made up of six exotic districts, each specializing in a specific economic activity, with its own culture, style, and approach to trade, politics, and warfare.
Labyrinthine Unreal is a world of mystery and exploration, and the subterranean space to Merca City. Players may move between worlds, but the rules and conditions of the underworld differ from those of the surface and players must adapt in order to survive and navigate its twisted, treacherous underpasses.
TaurosDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that brings together a community of artists, collectors, developers, and designers. Launched in January 2022, it is currently managed by The Ontological Game Team. The organization focuses on organizing virtual events, collecting notable works of art, and designing, creating, curating, and managing art galleries for its members and collectors. The goal of TaurosDAO is to provide a platform for artists to showcase and sell their work, and for collectors to discover and acquire rare and outstanding new pieces.
DigiPicks is a digital marketplace that serves as a one-stop-shop for various types of digital assets. It is specifically geared towards the gaming community, offering game assets for the virtual worlds of Merca City and Labyrinthine Unreal. Additionally, it serves as a marketplace for artworks and collections created by members of TaurosDAO, as well as other NFT projects.
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